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Discord Architecture

Specialized in creating custom Discord servers that prioritize security, accessibility, and aesthetics from the ground up.

Security Audits

Upgrade your server security with top-tier protection and best practices for peace of mind.

Teams Training

Personalized security training, offered for individuals and teams, ensures a safe environment for valuable assets and communities.

WHY Utrax?

Safe & Sleek Servers!

With a focus on security, accessibility, and aesthetics, We build custom Discord servers featuring log channels, role/channel permissions, anti-spam/raid filters, link posting/ping permissions, and moderation tools.

Leave no stone unturned!

Performing a comprehensive evaluation of your system's permissions, role hierarchy, bots, logs, integrations, and web hooks. the audit report will include an analysis of any vulnerabilities found and the fixes that were implemented.
Additionally, providing bot guides and commands for your staff, as well as training them on the best security practices.

Server Forge
Approved Discord Security Auditors

Only for members that undergo a rigorous interview process and submit their audit report, including server exports, to a professional security panel.
They must comply with the best security practices and be able to explain why certain setups/permissions are used.

Good Knight Bot Affiliated Security Auditors

Only experienced auditors who specialize in auditing Discord servers for security and incorporating Good Knight Bot properly.

Boring Security DAO Translator

Translating Boring Security DAO's security articles for Arabic speakers, teaching them to avoid scams. Boring Security DAO offers free security classes are available on Discord.

Walled Guard
Brand Ambassador

Wallet Guard is a browser extension designed to enhance the security of crypto wallets and digital assets by acting as a security companion. It provides proactive phishing protection, transaction analysis, and other security insights to help users navigate web3 interactions safely.

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Alphabot's AlphaTLDR Writer in Residence

Sharing articles on Web 3 Security with AlphaTLDR, one of the largest and fastest-growing newsletters in the Web3, Crypto and NFTs niche for concise news updates.

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